Graphic Maintenance: Washing and Detailing

Interesting fact: For $150,000, car detail expert Paul Wilkins will give your ride the ultimate car wash. He is deemed “the most expensive car wash in the world.”

Interesting fact: The Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany is the largest car show in the world. It occupies 12 buildings.

How often should I wash my car?

In order to keep your car looking the best that it can and keeping a good shine on your finish, once a week is a good standard recommendation.  If you have been driving through dirt, or have collected a number of bugs and debris, rinse them off as soon as possible.  Leaving things for two long can diminish the shine and ruin the paint.

What should I wash my car with?

Avoid washing it with household cleaners, such as sprays and dish soaps.  Purchase cleaners that are dedicated for vehicles, as they are made to accommodate the paint and exterior of cars.  Use something soft to wash the car with, such as a natural sponge.  Specialty cleaners, such as tar remover and wheel cleaner, can be used to get a deeper clean.  

When can I wash my car after installation?

When a graphic is installed, the adhesive will take a while to dry.  Give the car a few days to ensure that everything has dried effectively.  After that, the car should be fine to be washed as much as people would like.  You should avoid using a powerful washer, as this might motivate the graphics to move.  The same applies to waxing as well: a power buffer should be avoided, but you should be fine waxing by hand.  

How do I care for the interior of my car?

Keeping the interior of your car well kept will help to maintain its function and aesthetics for years to come.  Fabric seats can be cleaned with upholstery cleaner and leather ones with leather care cleaner.  Make sure that your car doesn’t have a negative effect to the cleaner of choice by testing it out on a small patch.  Regular vacuuming can help eliminate dirt and dust. Different attachments let you get under the seats into all the cracks and crevices.  

Why is it most important to keep my car clean inside and out?

Keeping your car clean will not only make a good impression, but will help prevent damage and wear to the interior and exterior surfaces of your vehicle.  Exterior paint tends to wear down and fade; regular cleanings will help to slow down this process. Waxing can also help to keep the overall shine of the exterior.  Interior maintenance will help keep your seats and console in prime condition.  Keep seat covers is often a good idea to prevent wear and tear.  

What else can I do to protect my car in the summer?

The summer sun can wreak havoc on paint and color vitality of your vehicles.  Parking in a garage as often as possible and keeping your car covered in the shade will help to eliminate the sun’s damage.  Putting up window shades will help reflect the light away from the interior and keep the interior looking new and fresh, as well as keeping the temperature of the vehicle cooler.